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A Chinese boy losing his patience while helping his younger sister with her maths homework has gone viral on mainland social media. Photo: SCMP composite

‘Instantly aged 50 years’: Chinese boy, 12, has tearful meltdown while frustrated from teaching younger sister maths, amuses millions

  • A video of a boy losing his cool as he tries to teach his younger sister maths has gone viral on mainland social media
  • The video clip showing the boy in tears soon became a trending topic online, with 8 million views on Douyin alone

A crying 12-year-old boy in China frustrated by his nine-year-old sister’s stubbornness while showing her how to solve a maths problem has trended on mainland social media.

A video of the moment was filmed and posted online by the children’s mother, surnamed Zhong, earlier this week.

The mother, from Liaoning province in northeastern China, said her son took the initiative in teaching his younger sister maths after seeing her become angry with the girl while trying to do the same earlier.

The boy’s dramatic meltdown has been watched by millions of people in China. Photo: Baidu

Zhong said at first the brother was gentle with his sister and the two children interacted well initially, but soon they argued about how to solve a maths problem.

The boy, who thought he was supposed to be teaching in the scenario and confident in his maths ability, was furious that his sister did not follow his instructions.

“You are also not qualified as a teacher,” his mother said jokingly to him in the video.

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“I told her directly the answer that there are three right angles in this picture, but she still insisted that there are two right angles,” the boy said, becoming hysterical and holding on to a nearby chair for support as his legs seemed to buckle and his body started to sway.

The boy continued to cry and murmured: “I’ve pointed out to her the three angles. She was so stubborn that she still said there are just two.”

His sister lowered her head and started sobbing in the video while the boy continued complaining to their mother.

At times the boy looked as though he was in physical pain, so great was his apparent frustration. Photo: Baidu

The video clip soon became a trending topic on mainland social media, with eight million views on Douyin alone.

“I think the boy instantly aged 50 years,” one user quipped.

“A boy has lost his dream of being a teacher,” another person joked.


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It’s not uncommon for Chinese parents to become frustrated when tutoring their children on academic subjects. Some parents have even injured themselves when acting out in frustration.

Earlier this month, a father in Zhejiang in eastern China ended up in hospital with broken bones in his right hand after he thumped it on a desk while helping his son with his primary school homework, Peninsula City News reported.

A father in central China’s Hunan province was so depressed by his daughter’s inability to learn during a home tutoring session last year that while yelling at her he dislocated his jaw.