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Bernice Chan and Alkira Reinfrank take you beyond restaurant reviews and ratings for monthly in-depth features about cuisine and culture in China, Hong Kong and Asia.

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Banh mi: where Vietnamese tradition and French colonialism collide

25 Oct 2019

The dish was born in a time when Vietnamese weren’t even allowed access to wheat flour, making it hard to imagine the sandwich would become world famous.


All about that Spam

27 Sep 2019

American icon became popular during the war and managed to stick around.Your junk email is named after the canned meat, by the way.


Mooncakes then and now

30 Aug 2019

We tried KFC’s spicy chicken mooncakes so you don’t have to.From the end of the Yuan Dynasty to modern Hong Kong, mooncakes have been the bearers of political messages.


The surprising history of Sichuan cuisine

26 Jul 2019

Bernice Chan and Alkira Reinfrank analyse the cultural appropriation, and fascinating history, of Sichuan cuisine. They delve into the chemistry of the Sichuan pepper and unpack the components of a traditional meal.


Sushi did not originate in Japan: how raw fish and rice became a world favourite

27 Jun 2019

It turns out that early sushi was not about rice. And it originated from the Mekong, not Japan.


Hot facts about Sriracha sauce, and why you’re saying it wrong

24 May 2019

Plot twist: The rooster sauce was created by a Vietnamese refugee, but is American-made, and Thai-inspired.


History of pad Thai: how the stir-fried noodle dish was invented by the Thai government

27 Apr 2019

The complex origin and nationalist agenda behind the iconic Thai noodle dish.


Your ultimate guide to dim sum

30 Mar 2019

A journey into the history and culture of dim sum – why it’s served on trolleys, what the path to becoming a dim sum chef is like, and the painstaking work behind a simple har gau.


How bubble tea was invented and became a global phenomenon

22 Feb 2019

Where did bubble tea begin - and why has it become so popular - we deep dive into this chewy drink made for Instagram.


Hong Kong's Michelin stars, Italian food and sake

17 Dec 2018

Michelin announcement sees fine dining French restaurant Caprice get back its third star, and the British chef gives us some quick dinner solutions.


Bartender Jeff Bell and chef Gray Kunz

16 Nov 2018


Gordon Ramsay in conversation

20 Oct 2018


Koreatown, Israeli food at Francis and cart noodles

20 Oct 2018


Chicken feet, tripe, Chinese tea and chef Julien Royer

20 Oct 2018