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Tech reporter Zen Soo and editor Chua Kong Ho bring essential background, context and analysis to the most important tech trends out of China. Joining them are movers and shakers in China tech and SCMP's reporters in Hong Kong and the tech centres of mainland China.

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What can China’s DNA tests really tell you?

16 Oct 2019

What are China’s DNA testing companies doing differently? What do your DNA test results really mean? We speak to 23Mofang’s CEO, and a geneticist from the University of Hong Kong, to find out.


Leaders in Tech: Yamibuy's Alex Zhou on building a US$100 million business on homesickness

2 Oct 2019

Alex Zhou, chief executive of US-based e-commerce site Yamibuy, has built a business out of selling hard-to-find items for Asian immigrant communities


Leaders in Tech: Self-driving cars in China

16 Sep 2019

We talked to Jianxiong Xiao, the founder and CEO of AutoX, a high-tech company working on self-driving vehicles


Leaders in Tech: How to create a successful podcast platform with lessons learnt from China

3 Sep 2019

Castbox CEO Renee Wang looked to China for inspiration and then sold her idea around the world.


Inside a Chinese internet addiction treatment centre

20 Aug 2019

SCMP visits one of China’s treatment centres for internet addicts more than a decade after such a disorder was classified as an official disease.


How AI counts accurate crowd numbers in Hong Kong protests

5 Aug 2019

AI concluded that 265,000 people joined the protest on July 1, while organisers said 550,000 people marched and the police estimated it was 190,000.


Leaders in Tech: How CEO of Sandbox VR bet life savings on creating hyper-realistic VR games

21 Jul 2019

How Steve Zhao staked his life savings for ten years to create a real-life holodeck.


Trailer: We thought VR was just hype till we tried Sandbox VR

15 Jul 2019

Next episode on ICT, we try Sandbox VR games and learn about how Steve Zhao, CEO of Sandbox VR, staked his life savings to create a real-life Holodeck.


China still can’t compete with Silicon Valley. Can it ever catch up?

8 Jul 2019

What makes Silicon Valley the global hub of innovation and will China ever catch up?


Trailer: Does top-down, state-led innovation work?

19 Jun 2019

Silicon Valley was seeded with funding for military research at Stanford University.


Talking to people in China’s Silicon Valley amid the tech war

31 May 2019

China’s Silicon Valley caught in crossfire of tech war as country’s most advanced technologies, from AI to drones and robotics, being developed in the area.


Here's how the US-China tech war is affecting small electronics companies

24 May 2019

How much does the trade war affect small suppliers and distributors, and does China depend more on the US for its technology industry, or vice versa?


How facial recognition tech facilitates China’s surveillance

17 May 2019

State surveillance camera makers largely benefited from the rise in demand for the technology after 9/11 terror attacks.


Explaining the blockchain revolution in China and how it's changing global banking

10 May 2019

Venture capitalist and China tech expert Edith Yeung looks at how Beijing is embracing blockchain and its different approach to the West


Doors to America closing for Chinese graduates in hi-tech fields

3 May 2019

The growing number of Chinese students in hi-tech fields face tightening US visa controls.


Exploring China’s rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape

26 Apr 2019

We dive into the world of influencer marketing and Pinduoduo’s business model.


Analysing what’s behind the 996 GitHub protest in China

19 Apr 2019

Millennial workers protesting against the grueling work schedules in China’s tech companies.


How live-streaming in China is monitored and censored

12 Apr 2019

Analysing how one of China’s biggest live-streaming companies manages and censors the content from its 250 million monthly users, from cigarettes to cleavage, tattoos and protests.


Razer CEO on tattoos, Tencent and why he hates some tech CEOs

5 Apr 2019

We talk about how a love for gaming built the world's biggest gaming gear company, while its CEO continues to play games all night long.


Talking e-commerce with Lazada Group president Yin Jing

29 Mar 2019

Talking e-commerce, livestreaming for vendors and last mile delivery logistics with the head of Lazada Group, and whether China’s methods of connecting consumers with vendors would work in South East Asia.


The AI startup using brand and gait recognition for marathon runners

22 Mar 2019

Zen Soo speaks with Miro founder and CEO Taylor Hun about facial recognition technology at marathon running events and how companies are using the data


Meituan vs Ele.me: what’s next in China’s food delivery battle?

15 Mar 2019

China’s app-based business model has set the scene for intense rivalry between tech giants: Meituan and Ele.me compete for market dominance.


Analysing China’s Two Sessions and the influence of tech company chiefs

8 Mar 2019

What was announced - and what was left unsaid - at China’s annual political summit and policy meetings in Beijing.


The 2019 Mobile World Congress and what next for foldable phones

1 Mar 2019

On the scene at the 2019 MWC in Barcelona and debating the state of the foldable phone revolution: are they fad, farce or foundational change for smartphones?


2019 Mobile World Congress preview - is it the Year of the Foldables?

22 Feb 2019

Senior analyst Bryan Ma from IDC Asia Pacific tells us why he thinks foldable phones will dominate at Barcelona this year, and takes a deeper look at why and how China’s smartphone giants Xiaomei, Opo and Huawei achieved world dominance.


Analysing China’s race with the US for AI dominance

15 Feb 2019

In the race to develop AI, how does China compare with the US? And how is this affected by the Huawei and ZTE bans – and the US-China trade war?


How technology is changing Lunar New Year

8 Feb 2019

Zen Soo and Chua Kong Ho look at how technology has changed the Lunar New Year celebrations in China: from digital red envelopes to online market stalls and facial recognition for train tickets.


Analysing the Huawei case

1 Feb 2019

Zen Soo speaks with economist, author and academic Christopher Balding about the Huawei case, its impact on the company and its broader implications for China’s other tech companies.


Two very different start-up CEOs talk smart helmets and AI-powered apps

25 Jan 2019

He’s from Singapore, based in Hong Kong, and is generating worldwide hype with his smart bike helmet; she’s a 14-year-old from New York, developing an AI-powered app. Both talk to Zen Soo about the passion and pitfalls of their companies.


WeChat changes focus, new social media players and short video

18 Jan 2019

SCMP tech editor Chua Kong Ho speaks with reporters Iris Deng and Celia Chen about WeChat, its new competitors and the short video craze enveloping China.