Tenku RyuGin’s kaiseki is an uplifting experience for Hong Kong diners

Dishes are new interpretations of classics using seasonal ingredients that include liquid nitrogen.

PUBLISHED : Friday, 17 March, 2017, 2:14pm
UPDATED : Friday, 17 March, 2017, 2:14pm

While the view from the 100th floor of the ICC is impressive, so is the kaiseki at Tenku RyuGin, the Hong Kong branch of the award-winning restaurant in Tokyo.The dining area is minimalist, putting more focus on the food and the panoramic view.

Seasonal set menus or customised menus booked one month in advance are available. Dishes are new interpretations of classics using seasonal ingredients and innovative cooking techniques that include liquid nitrogen. Overseeing the kitchen is chef de cuisine Hidemichi Seki, who has been there since the opening in 2012. Highlights include the charcoal-grilled Alfonsino fish and the dessert, with each bite being hot and cold, crunchy and soft.

Signature dishes

Assortment of sashimi - lightly torched saba sushi and alfonsino

Ryugin style charcoal grilled amadai served with crispy scales

Ryugin speciality - 196℃ apple candy and +99℃ apple jam


Valet parking: yes


View: yes

Corkage: HK$500

Alfresco: no

Private rooms: 2 rooms, 10 ppl

Contact details

101/F, International

Commerce Centre,

1 Austin Road West

2302 0222

Daily: 6 - 9.30pm (last orders)

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