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Macau becomes a healing destination with speciality spas offering traditional treatments and the latest technology

Treatments range from Thai, detox and sound therapies to clinical consultations using the latest equipment

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 29 March, 2017, 1:12pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 29 March, 2017, 1:12pm

Macau’s spas are the city’s best-kept secret, and they offer plenty of therapeutic treatments.

The kneading, leaning, pulling and stretching of a Thai massage, or “lazy man’s yoga”, can energise and relax. So try Senses Health Club, at the Legend Palace Hotel (, the newest property at Macau Fisherman’s Wharf alongside Harbourview Hotel and Rocks Hotel.

You might take a friend or relative and request two of their private rooms be connected and turned into a couple’s room, or you might hibernate away in a private room for the ultimate in therapeutic healing. If you have time, buffer the contrast between the real world and the spa’s tranquillity with a few minutes’ unwinding in the steam room and sauna before your treatment, as this interlude can also help loosen muscles for a more effective massage.

Alternatively, you might combine the Thai healing with a foot massage in the spa’s spacious common area, where views of the garden can help to relax you even further.

Just inland from Macau Fisherman’s Wharf, The Landmark Macau ( is a complex of hotel, casino and serviced apartments, and its health club offers a number of therapeutic spa packages. Perfect after a long week of juggling work and family, the Relaxing Journey package focuses on the typical pressure hot spots of the head and neck using Chinese acupressure for a 15 minutes each, before an hour’s detoxification massage.

The combination could help to improve your sleep quality, loosen stiff neck muscles and clear the mind. It also treats areas suffering from cellulite and helps to reduce the tone of the skin through firm detox movements. Other therapy packages include foot cupping, aromatherapy massage and ultraviolet light treatment.

Spa at Wynn Palace ( offers dream signature journeys designed to make male and female guests feel like Oriental royalty. The Empress starts by warming and softening the skin with a milk bath, which is said to calm the mind, before a gentle body scrub exfoliates any dead skin cells before it can absorb a nourishing body mask.

A massage with warmed poultices then loosens and relaxes any remaining knots or areas of tension. And then to make sure you feel utterly majestic, a hair blowout and application of make-up puts the finishing touches on your way out.

For the Emperor in your life, a four-hand massage uses deep-tissue and hot-stone techniques to really get into those deep aches and pains after hours hunched at a computer. Aiming at two of the hardest working areas, a scalp massage is intended to stimulate the mind and ease tension in the head, while a foot massage rejuvenates the soles of the feet to increasing overall energy levels. The customer is then groomed with a men’s Firming Facial Tonic and a luxury manicure and pedicure.

Tria Spa at MGM Macau ( uses sound waves at the SoSound Therapy Lounge, which is unique in Asia. The musical vibrations of the curvy lounger travel through your body, and are intended to balance the heart rate and regulate blood pressure. Profoundly relaxing, this wellness technology dissolves any stress held physically, mentally or emotionally, leading to a feeling of holistic well-being.

The spa also features the latest anti-ageing HydraFacial MD technology. Using a wand, the technology’s vacuuming action exfoliates the skin and applies a medical-grade serum for a visibly rejuvenated complexion.

Taking hotel healing to its medical peak, the Taivexmalo Day Hospital ( at the Venetian Macao goes beyond spa treatments in luxurious surroundings. Staffed by a medical team using state-of-the-art equipment, the hospital focuses on dermatological issues and also dentistry, gastroenterology and gynaecology. The team uses radiation imagiology to diagnose issues, determine treatment and check follow-up care. Its doctors also specialise in paediatrics.