Catharine Nicol

The Spa at the Hong Kong Four Seasons, the Mandarin Oriental Spa and MGM Cotai’s Tria Spa can help you soak away your cares with a restful, relaxing, rejuvenating spa treatment this Christmas

Norwegian sailor Knut Frostad could have been a musician. However, he fell in love with sailing when he was a child. "Actually, it was only when I discovered windsurfing that I absolutely fell in love with sailing," he recalls. "It was the feeling of having the wind in your hands."

"It's not the first place you'd come to as a tourist," says Helen Lindman, who opened the first restaurant. "Someone needs to tell you about it. It's a bit of a gem." Welcome to Upper Station Street in Hong Kong Island's Western district.

Beat UV rays and pollutants this summer with sprays, cream and mists to leave skin radiant, writes Catharine Nicol.

The Macanese architect, artist, poet and cultural conservationist tells Catharine Nicol about his love for his hometown.

New York facialist Ling Chan injects spirituality into her anti-ageing products, writes Catharine Nicol.

Sai Ying Pun (West Camp in English) is where the British military made its base when it arrived here. Queen's Road was one of the first "streets", carving its way through makeshift tents. It was once a red-light district, and later fell foul of bubonic plague.

Greek cuisine is surprisingly under-represented in Hong Kong. The country is renowned for several iconic dishes, including dolmades and souvlaki and moussaka. Its yogurt is so delicious, it nearly defies description.

Heady scents are synonymous with perfumer who dares to be different, writes Catharine Nicol.

Botox, fillers, lasers and more join the mainstream in ourquest for younger-looking skin, writes Catharine Nicol.