The CrossFit Open begins this week and the organisers have announced the first workout: Workout 19.1.

What is Workout 19.1?

Participants need to complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:

19 wall-ball shots

19 calorie row

(Men throw 20 pound ball to 10 foot target. Women throw 14 pound ball to 9 foot target)

No, CrossFit isn’t a ‘religion’ or a ‘cult’, and it’s not ‘dangerous’ – so why does the media still hate it?

The CrossFit open is an online competition where participants video themselves completing the weekly workout. Those with the best scores at the end of the five-week competition win a place at the CrossFit Games.

Wall ball shots require athletes to hold a large medicine ball, they then squat and launch the ball into the air so it touches a target on the wall above them.

The rowing take places on a stationary indoor rowing machine. The participant sets the display to show calories burned, and pulls until the number reaches 19.

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