The end of the CrossFit Open draws near, and with it comes another gruelling workout for CrossFit Games hopefuls and fans alike.

CrossFit has released the details for it’s fourth, of five, workouts. The open allows people from around the world to compete by filming themselves and uploading their results. There are CrossFit Games places up for grabs for the top 20 male and female finishes in the five week competition.

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Workout 19.4 features

Three rounds of (for total time):

10 snatches (men: 95 pounds [43 kilograms], women: 65lb [29kg])

12 bar-facing burpees

Rest three minutes, then three rounds of:

10 bar muscle-ups

12 bar-facing burpees

Time cap is 12 minutes.

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Jean-Simon Roy-Lemaire from Canada is top of the leader board going into 19.4. He replaced Zachery Butin, who topped the list before 19.3.

Sara Sigmundsdottir leads the women. The 26-year-old from Iceland had a tough year in 2018 due to injuries, but is back to her brilliant best and is a podium contender for the CrossFit Games.

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Hongkonger Ant Haynes leads China for the men, and Hong Kong-based Brazilian Victoria Campos is fifth in her native country’s ranking.