Sara Sigmundsdottir leads the way after day one of the first CrossFit sanctional of the 2020 season. The Filthy 150 is taking place in Ireland, over November 22, 23 and 24. The winner earns a spot at the CrossFit Games.

The Icelander is on top after three workouts on 270 points, ahead of Norwegian Kristin Holte (258) and Steph Chung (250) of the US.

The first workout was a combination of the skierg and handstand walks. The second workout tested athletes with muscle-ups and back squats and the final workout of the day was four attempts at a maximum weight snatch.

But it was fifth-placed Andrea Solberg of Norway who caught the attention of the commentators as a relative unknown who won the first workout.

“The thing that stuck out the most Solberg,” one of the commentators said. “You knew that Sigmundsdottir was going to be good, you know that Holte would be good. But Solberg though, the way she executed and then followed through on the second workout, and even on the snatches, she did a really great job. That really stood out to me.”

It is all to play for on the men’s side. Adrian Mundwiler (264), of Switzerland, and Americans Justin Medeiros (250) and Will Moorad (244) sit in the top three.

“On the men's side of the house, just how tight everything was [stood out to me],” the commentator said. “Everything is still up there.”

Teams of four were put through their paces, first by a workout that included running, skiing and rope climbs. The second workout was ‘Grace’ and ‘Isable’, which are clean and jerks, and snatches respectively.

Some big names had turned up in the team competition but it is still close at the top. The Athlete Programme, Team Jst Compete and The Progrm sit top three.

“These super teams, we thought they may run away with it, but they find themselves struggling, which means once again, day two is moving day,” the commentator added.