The Dubai CrossFit Championship 2019 (DCC) events have been announced. In typical CrossFit Fashion, they have kept the workouts hidden until the last minute.

At this year’s DCC they’ve announced the workouts - named one, four five and seven for some reason.

The athletes will be facing everything from swimming to maximum weight lifts in Dubai.

The first workout is taking place on December 11. Event four is on December 12 and events five and seven are on December 13. The DCC concludes on December 14, but no workouts have been announced for the final day yet.

Workout one:

For time:

  • 20 sandbag cleans
  • 150m swim
  • 10 sandbag cleans
  • 150m swim
  • Five sandbag cleans
  • 150m swim

Time cap: 15 minutes

Workout four

  • One rep max clean and jerk

Workout five

For time, 10 rounds of:

  • Five ring muscle ups, unbroken
  • 10m handstand walk, unbroken

Time cap: 10 minutes for men, 15 minutes for women

Workout seven

For time:

  • 50 calorie row
  • 40 wall-balls (men 30/women 20lbs)
  • 30 box jump overs (men 24”/ women 20”)
  • 20m front rack walking lunges (men 85kg/women 60kg)
  • 10 rope climbs
  • 25 calorie row
  • 20 wall-balls (men 30lbs/women 20lbs)
  • 15 box jump overs (men 24”/women 20”)
  • 10m front rack walking lunges (men 85kg/women 60kg)
  • Five rope climbs

Time cap: 15 minutes