The Rogue Invitationals is one of the most hotly contested fitness competitions in the calendar, attracting the top crossfitters, including Sara Sigmundsdottir, Tia-Clair Toomey and Noah Ohlsen.

It was a CrossFit sanctional, until this week when Rogue dropped the CrossFit brand from the competition, in the wake of a controversial tweet by the now former CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman.

The Rogue Invitationals starts on June 13, at 10am (Eastern Time) and finishes at 3pm. The second day, June 14, runs from 10am to 4pm.

Here are the weekend’s workouts.

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Day one

Event one

For time:

21 thrusters 135lbs (61kg) for men/95lb for women

21 burpee pull-ups

15 thrusters 185lbs/125lbs

15 burpee pull-ups

Nine thrusters 205lbs/145lbs

Nine burpee pull-ups

Time Cap: 10 minutes

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Event two

Last Person Standing:

Power snatch 95lbs/65lbs

First four minutes is 50 reps for time, then in the fifth minute

Last Person Standing starts at 11 reps

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Event three

For time:

240 double under skips with a heavy rope

Two rounds of:

60 toe-to-bars Calories bike – 30 for men/24 for women

Time Cap: 13 minutes

CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman resigns over George Floyd tweet

Day two

Event four

Tiebreak first

For time:

Seven clean and jerks 255lbs/165lbs

Time cap: one minute

Then, a five minute break followed by:

Clean and Jerk lift-off

Men's weight start at 290lbs and go up 1lb every round

Women weight start at 195lbs and go up 5lbs every round

One minute to make your lift. Three minute rest between lifts.

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Event five


For time:

40 calories row

30 D-Ball squat clean 100lbs/70lbs

20 box step over with a D-Ball 24lbs/20lbs

40 strict handstand push-ups

20 box step-overs with a D-Ball 24lbs/20lbs

30 D-Ball squat clean 100lbs/70lbs

40 calories row

Time Cap: 20 minutes

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Event six

For Time:

21 reps, 15 reps, then nine reps

Dead lift 275lbs/185lbs

Overhead squat 155lbs/105lbs

Time Cap: six minutes