The CrossFit Games could start on September 14 as the organisers stay flexible, reacting to ongoing developments in the coronavirus pandemic. The original start date was the end of July and then they announced the Games would take place on August 17 at the earliest.

“Last week we announced the dates for the CrossFit Games would adjust based on travel restrictions. The potential start date is now Sept. 14,” a tweet from the CrossFit Games account read.

“The CrossFit Games team is actively monitoring events globally and will continue to adapt plans for the Games in an effort to host an exciting event for the community.”

The CrossFit Games was supposed to be competed between over 300 athletes from all over the world, in Madison. But as travel and social distancing restrictions were imposed the world over, the organisers reduced the format to 30 men and 30 women. The location moved to a ranch in California, the site of the original Games.

CrossFit is emerging from a controversy. Greg Glassman, founder and now former CEO and owner, tweeted “It’s FLOYD-19” in response to a post about racism as a public health issue, combining Covid-19 and George Floyd, the black man killed by a police officer sparking global protests. Glassman doubled down on the tweet, then later apologised but added it was “not racist”. Sponsors, athletes and gyms began to ditch CrossFit. Glassman stood down as CEO, but for some it was not enough and they wanted him to sell the company too.

The tweet was compounded by a leaked Zoom call, in which Glassman asked why he should mourn Floyd other than it being the “white thing to do”, adding a series of conspiracy theories. Then, a former employee recorded a podcast alleging sexual harassment by Glassman against female staff. The podcast was substantiated by reports from employees in major newspapers. Glassman sold CrossFit to Eric Roza, and the saga seems to be coming to a close.