Two-time Fittest Woman on Earth Annie Thorisdottir is cheering for Kara Saunders this weekend, during the first leg of the CrossFit Games 2020.

Thorisdottir is a staple of the Games, but is missing this year as she gave birth to a girl just five weeks ago.

Saunders missed last year’s Games for the same reason and Thorisdottir is inspired to see Saunders sitting in second after the first two rounds.

“It’s so cool. There are certain people you are rooting for, and she is for sure one of those for me.

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“She’s such a good role model for people like me. I hope I’m going to be that kind of role model for my daughter and other women getting back from it,” Thorisdottir said on the live results show.

The first two workouts were a Friendly Fran (21 thrusters and 21 chest-to-bar pull-ups) and a one rep max front squat. Saunders came second in the former and third in the latter.

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“Obviously, be happy with all you’ve done, step to the side, your career might be on hold, but even though you’ve had a kid you don’t have to stop doing this and it’s important to show you can get back to it if that’s what you want. Man, it’s amazing to see her crushing it out there,” Thorisdottir said.

The first leg of the CrossFit Games 2020 is being held remotely as each athlete competes in their home gym. Of the 30 men and 30 women taking part, five of each will progress to the in-person final next month.

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“Seeing everyone do these workouts, competing for the Games, I am getting so fired up for next year, it’s crazy,” Thorisdottir said.

“I’m getting back to it,” she said. “My pregnancy was amazing, I trained all the way through, but now I have to be a little bit patient, listen to my body and let it heal and recover properly.

“But I’m starting to get my heart rate back up a little bit. I know people are saying I need to enjoy it and take it easy. I am enjoying it for sure, I am taking it easy but it’s better for everyone, and it’s so much better for me to, if you let me get my heart rate up, let me breath a little bit. Man, it feels amazing to be moving again.”