If you are looking for ways to while away the time in lockdown, look no further than these Ted Talks. There are a host of great speeches for climbers and mountaineers, who all have lessons from their lives up high.

How I climbed a 3,000-foot vertical cliff – without ropes – Alex Honnold

Honnold transcended climbing fame into the general public’s eye when he climbed El Capitan without a rope, and the documentary Free Solo on his feat won an Oscar. Now, he is sharing his clues on how to manage fear in real life, not just when your life depends on your fingertips.

Finding Fear – Emily Harrington

This short but sharp talk by British climbing superstar Harrington is great if you are feeling guilty about fear. Harrington points out that she does not conquer fear, but lets go of the guilt by accepting that being afraid is being human.

Lessons from the ledge – Alison Levine

Levine draws on her experience in the high mountains with the first American women’s team to climb Everest. She tells you not to panic when a storm hits. No storm lasts forever. But you have to be flexible and prepared to take action, even if that requires you to ditch your previous plans.

Being Yourself – Jaahnavi Sriperambuduru

This teenage sensation summitted the highest mountains in Africa and Europe by the age of 13. She uses her story as a platform to share a message – you have to be yourself and that allows you to define your own path. “Life is a test and trail, and tests are never supposed be easy,” she said.

Nine life lessons from rock climbing – Matthew Childs

Another short but powerful talk, Childs draws many parallels between the sport of climbing and life. You have to hold on, even when things are tough, but equally, you need to know when to let go.