Ultra marathons can last an entire day, or even multiple days. As people search for their limit, they find themselves running non-stop through night’s bleak darkness. That’s why it is so important to have the right lamp, one that is comfortable, lasts long and most importantly, illuminates the road ahead.

Here are just some of the lights you should try out next time you’re shopping.

Black diamond Astro 175

The Astro is very basic and cheap, but does exactly what it says on the tin. It has a powerful beam and uses batteries. It is comfortable, with a single band around the head. Above all, it is cheap at around US$20/HK$160. The light’s brightness can be adjusted and it also has a strobe light mode. It is mounted on a stiff pivot, so it can be angled closer to the ground or straight out into front of your eyes. Reviewers remarked its simplicity is its appeal, and the battery life is long.

Sprinter Rechargeable Headlamp

This light is great for running in urban areas or on roads. There is a red light at the back for safety, like a cyclist would have to make sure your visible in traffic. The Sprinter has a strap over the top of the head, as well as around, so it is as stable as any headlamp out there. It is chargeable via a USB plug. The battery life is good, according to reviewers, and it has multiple settings to make it last longer. But some people said the battery pack was fiddly to put back on after charging.


The Petzl headlamp is different from most on the market in that its strap is extremely thin. The whole thing weights just 35g. It is rechargeable, packable and minimal. It is good for urban running, and moderate terrain, but the weight and strap mean it’s probably not the best option for rugged trails or technical downhills. It has three light strengths. The size also means the battery life is not as long as others. In short, its compact nature makes it perfect for short excursions but not for your next big adventure.


The Petzl headlamp has a number of beam settings including a flood beam and a focused beam for running. It also has a red light, so you can still see when you’re in a group but not blind others when you look at them. It is rechargeable. It has four possible angles for the light, as you click up and down.

Lumen 600 2.0 waist light

Some runners prefer a waist band. It can be more comfortable, stable and because of the low angle, gives you a better contrast over a varied terrain so you can see rocks and bumps coming. The Ultraspire Lumen is rechargeable, and even has pockets to double up as a running belt, though the pockets are removable. There are three beam strength settings and is perfect for hiking, road or trail running.


Another waistband light, the GoMotion Orion is a great option for runners looking to mix it on roads or trails. It has a small red light on the back for running in densely populated areas or on busy roads. It is rechargeable. It also has removable pockets, designed for your phone. You can widen or narrow the beam via a dial above the light.

GoMotion Orion is great for trail and road running. Photo: GoMotion