Music can be the secret tool to get you through the toughest climbs or the deepest pain caves in running. But sharing your music with everyone else on the trail by playing it through a loudspeaker should, by law, result in your next run being in clogs, during the Spanish bull running festival.

So make sure you have the best headphones out there for your trail trips to help give you that much-needed boost.

Check out some of the best on the market at the moment.

Sennheiser CX

Like all of the headphones on this list, these are Bluetooth so you don’t have to deal with wires getting tangled, or tugging them out of your ear. Reviewers comment on how great the sound quality was. But above all, they loved the fit. Reviewers tried the Sennheiser CX during all sorts of workouts, jump ropes, shook their heads and bounced around but the headphones did not budge.

AfterShokz Air Open

These headphones sit comfortably wrapped around the back of your head with a solid frame that rests lightly on your ears. It means the earbuds are not pressed into your ear. It sacrifices sound quality a little bit, but allows you to hear other noises around you, like approaching cars or another runner trying to overtake.

They are very comfortable, and if you have glasses, they don’t press them against your head, so you can wear the headphones for hours on end with no issue.

Soundcore Spirit Sports Earbuds

Reviews commented that the loose wire connecting the two earbuds was comfortable. As opposed to the AfterShokz, which are rigid, the wire rests against the back of your neck. In terms of sound, at least one reviewer was very pleased and said it exceeded their expectations.

The sound was crisp and clear, while the base was rich and deep, they wrote.

Jaybird Vista

These small headphones won’t take up much space in your pack. If you don’t like wires or frame, then Jaybirds could be for you as they slot into your ear and remain there without aid.

The sound quality is good, and they help block out other sounds if you want to go into the zone and block out anything around you (not advisable if running on a busy road).


You might think that these Apple headphones are for iPhone users only, but they can connect to just about any phone via Bluetooth. They fit well – just like Jaybirds – and stay in place while you bounce around.

The main advantage is that they can double up for all your phone calls and podcasts during the rest of the day and still look cool, so you don’t need two pairs of headphones. Having a pair of Airpods may be more costly, but having one expensive set might be cheaper than having two sets, for running and everyday life.