Booking your next adventure holiday is time-consuming, but with so many websites that host links to dozens of adventure tour providers it has never been easier to browse your ideal trip.

Check out some of the best ones below.

Intrepid Travel

You can book your holiday worldwide with Intrepid. It is easy to navigate, with a search function front and centre of the homepage. Once you’ve searched for what you want – such as climbing, hiking or scuba diving – you can then customise the search further by date, duration, style (basic, comfort, original), region, destination and even theme, which includes age brackets and how active you would like to be.



The website also has a search bar front and centre. You can customise your style in plenty of detail, from National Geographic style holidays and family tours, to holidays for 18 to 30 somethings or wellness tours.

If you search, you are given prompts. For example, typing “rock climbing” suggests trips to Utah or Myanmar. Once you’ve searched, there are two sliding bars – one for duration of trip, one for budget. There are also a host of drop-downs which include promotions and physical ratings depending on your desire to push yourself.



There are two drop-down menus on the homepage – one for location, one for type of trip, which includes everything from cycling and discovery, to polar and self-guided trips.

Once you’ve selected your destination and trip type, you are presented with an easily digestible panel that shows you the country, the length of trip, the cost and where flights are included. You can click for more information, which includes pictures, a detailed itinerary and a map.


PADI Travel

If Scuba diving is your cup of tea, then look no further than the PADI site itself. You need qualifications for Scuba diving, but if you don’t already have them why not do the course when you’re on holiday?

The site has an easy to use drop-down menu with destination, date and guests. Once you’ve clicked search, you are presented with a panel that includes dates, number of dives, location, price and an option to view the boat.



On the homepage, you are presented with two options – classes, like Yoga, or HIIT, and outdoor experiences. Once you’re through to outdoor experiences, there are more widgets to click – cycling, swimming, watersports or camping – with a list of featured experiences for each one below. Once you have clicked on the widgets, adventures are displayed with their location, date, cost and length. Click through to an adventure for a more detailed description and itinerary.