Base layers are great to stay warm without overheating on your run or hike. A thin long-sleeved top is just the thing when you’re sweating in the cold. But you do not need the latest compression under-top.

Sometimes a loose-fitting garment is all you want. So check out some of the ones on offer in a store near you or online.

Lapasa Men’s Thermal Long John

The top comes with matching long john trousers if you’re on a really cold mission. Both are a fitted, but comfortably loose, fleece material. Some reviewers noted that the bottom half fits well, though the top is tighter than expected, so perhaps order a size up. Many reviewers note how comfortable the long johns were and used them for manual labour in cold environments, showing that the top is versatile and comfortable whether you are just running or moving your upper body.

Woolx Explorer

The 100 per cent merino wool top fits comfortably on the upper body but is not as loose as some. At least one reviewer noted they cling to the body without feeling constrictive.

Others noted that it is not itchy, despite being wool. Merino wool is odour resistant and the reviewers said it was a long time before the top held any smell.

Smartwool Long Sleeve Shirt

At 87 per cent merino, it keeps you warm and wicks sweat. Many reviewers said the top is very durable and even after owning them for a long time, washing and drying them, the tops still fit, kept them warm and did not begin to smell.

Not too loose, and not too tight, one reviewer noted.

Woolly Clothing’s Henley Hoodie

This base layer is more in the style of a hoodie, so you may be best wearing it over your T-shirt and taking it on and off as and when you need it. But it’s still lightweight and thin like any other base layers. It’s durable too. Reviewers said they used it for months of backpacking and it did not wear out or rip, and was very comfortable.

Patagonia Capilene

Capilene has been updated many times over the years, but in many ways it is the original base layer to be distinguished from just underwear. It is a blend of wool and polyester, so it is warm, does not hold smells and is durable. But, given it is only half, not full wool, it does smell more than some of the woollier ones on the list. Very comfortable and a nice loose, but not too loose, fit.