Insoles, coupled with quality shoes and training, are a good way to add more comfort to your trail running experience.

If you are suffering from arch pain or issues in your legs or lower back, the cause may lie in your foot. Seek professional advice if it persists, but perhaps these insoles could be the solution.

Dr. Scholl’s plantar fasciitis pain relief

This insole is well cushioned along the whole foot to deal with the impact of running long distances. They come in one size, with lines for you to follow so you can cut them to fit your shoe. Many reviewers said that their heel and arch pain disappeared quickly after inserting these insoles. However, they are cushioned, rather than stiff or shaped, so may not be suitable if you are hoping to add support to your arch.

currexSole Run pro

The Run pro is shaped with a heel dip to stop your ankle wobbling and has wicking technology so they do not become saturated with sweat. Runners with high arches commented that these insoles helped solve their issues. One reviewer even said they replaced their custom insoles with the currexSole Run pro and they helped relieve the pain.

Sole Softec Ultra-U Arch Support Inserts

Reviewers were waxing lyrical about these insoles, some stating they were the best they’d ever had. They noted the insoles were very comfortable and worked in a range of shoes, from formal, trail running and even rock climbing shoes. They are very durable and owners said the Softec outlasted several pairs of shoes. They are good for people who need extra support on their arch.


These ridged insoles are great for extra support on your arch. The insoles come in different colours, each depicting a different shape or stiffness. Reviewers noted the Carbon’s, bright yellow, were like “walking on a cloud”. Others noted they sorted out their foot issues so well that they experienced a reduction in foot pain, leg pain, hip and back pain. They come in one size, and you can cut them to fit your shoe.

Sole Active Medium EVA Footbed

These footbeds are a middle ground between stiff and cushioned, so you can absorb the impact without risking sinking too deep and twisting something. It is shaped to give a lot of support to your arch. The arch is very firm and won’t shift under your weight. Reviewers used them for everything, from running and hiking, to everyday life.