Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the sole of the foot that afflicts many runners. The repetitive pounding of the road or trail takes its toll. There are a few things you can do to speed up recovery.

Check out some of the remedies below.

New shoes

When was the last time your replaced your running shoes? It can be hard to let go of a pair of trainers you love, but when the sole becomes worn or compressed, it can lead to plantar fasciitis. A new pair of running shoes can go a long wait to fix the issue quickly. But do not just concentrate on your running footwear. If you have a cheap pair of plimsolls or ill fitting shoes that you wear all day in the office and walking around town, it will add to the problem. Wear quality shoes all the time and you may be amazed how quickly the health of your feet improve.

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Ball rolling

Get a tennis ball, lacrosse ball or massage ball and place it on the floor. Put your foot on the ball and apply pressure. Roll the ball back and forth, all over the arch of your foot. This self-massage will relieve some of the inflammation.

Ball rolling should become a regular part of your routine or day. Add it to your warm-up, or just roll your foot as your watch TV at night. Even if you are not suffering from plantar fasciitis, it is a good way to prevent it in the first place.


The source of the tightness in your foot may lie elsewhere. A common cause of the issue is in your calf. So stretch your calves.

There are a number of calf stretches – stand about a meter away from a wall, place both your palms on the wall and lean forward, keeping your heel on the ground. Or, place your hands and feet on the ground, with your bum facing the sky and slowly press your heels towards to the ground, alternating your feet.

Strength exercises

You might be getting plantar fasciitis because of a weakness or imbalance between your muscles. Try calf raises to strengthen your calf and arch – slowly raise and lower your heel, with your weight on the balls of your toes.

Strengthen your arch by placing your feet on a towel, and curling your toes to try and pull the towel towards you, or pick up a small ball with your toes repeatedly.

Running technique

Visit a specialist to see if your running technique is affecting your feet. Perhaps you land too heavily, overextend your stride or roll on the inside or outside of your feet.

It can be next to impossible to spot these running faux pas by yourself, but there are numerous gyms and trainers that analyse your gait on running machines to ensure you are as efficient and injury-free as possible.