Podcasts are a great way to consume information these days, whether you want a laugh, an education or a piece of inspiration. Fortunately, trail and ultra running are no exception with a growing library of professionals and amateurs contributing to the mass of quality podcasts.

Here are the some of the best podcasts for any endurance fan.


The iRunFar team are ever present at all of the top races around the globe, offering live and insightful interviews via a range of platforms. Their podcast differs from most in that they are very short pre- or post-race interviews, typically around 10 minutes each. It is a great way to quickly catch up on how specific athletes are feeling about a particular performance or race to come. Most other podcasts are broader in scope, but this is perfect for race junkies who want to keep a finger on the pulse of the sport.

Ultrarunning History

The podcast is an excellent delve into the history of our sport. Davy Crockett hosts from his basement with quaint production values like canned laughter and sound effects that add to the unique feel. His in-depth research into a range of topics is delivered in a easily digestible, funny and informative manner. The podcast explores everything from individuals who shaped the sport, such as Spartathlon hero Yiannis Kouros, specific race history, like the legends and myths of the Western States and the real stories behind pub debates, like who would win in a long-distance race between a horse and a person. The perfect podcast for anyone wanting to get a better understanding of ultra running’s rich tapestry. You can find the podcast here or on iTunes and Android.

The Adventure Trail

Every second week, The Adventure Tail hosts a wide-ranging talk with an extreme sportsperson, such as Western States record holder Jim Walmsley or award winning author and mountaineer Simon McCartney. It rarely focuses on a single event or race, but explores what keeps the athletes motivated and who they are as person. Other times, it focuses on topics like gender equality in trail running.

This podcast is hosted by Mary Hui and I from theSouth China Morning Post. But where we differ from other podcasts is the two of us barely speak. While some podcast hosts are as keen to tell their story as much as their guest’s, we let the guest do the talking. It’s the perfect podcast for fans who want to get to know the person behind the athlete, whether it be an international superstar or local up-and-coming runner.

Rich Roll Podcast

The two best things about Rich Roll are the incredibly high-profile guests he gets on, and the fact that he can coax their story out of them with very few words. Roll has a great story himself, as he turned his life around from drugs and alcohol to endurance athlete, but he rarely mentions it. Instead, he prefers to hear the stories of the likes of Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc multiple winner and Everest speed record holder Kilian Jornet, to Free Solo climbing star Alex Honnold. The stars across the table sometimes talks for minutes on end, with no input from Roll, and yet the host miraculously keeps them on topic.

It is incredibly in depth and typically last for two hours. Not all of his guests are endurance athletes, he invites anyone with a positive message. But the podcasts are perfect for people who want to hear in-depth discussions with some of the best athletes that rarely appear in the media otherwise.

Billy Yang Podcast

The thing that makes Billy Yang’s podcast so great is that he does not have guests on, he has friends. Firmly embedded in the American ultra running scene, you can tell from his conversations that he knows top runners like Courtney Dauwalter and Jason Koop well. Compared to Roll, or Hui and I, Yang does talk a fair amount, but given his already existing relationships with the runners, it makes you feel like you’re listening in to a chat between old friends rather than hearing an interview.

The relaxed chats bring out great personal stories you are unlikely to hear in other media settings. This is the perfect podcast for anyone wanting to get to know more about the best athletes in America and feel like part of the community.