The trail runner who went missing during the Cam2 Sport race in the New Territories was found dead this morning at 1.20am on a slope in Kau To Shan.

Kwok Yuen-hung, 32, was taking part in the 23.1km race on Sunday but failed to appear at the second checkpoint near Kwai Tei New Village.

Authorities believe he took a wrong turn near Kwai Tei New Village. It is thought two other trail runners went the wrong way with Kwok and one returned to the correct course. Both runners were brought in to help search the area near the wrong turning.

Representatives from the race organisers were present when Kwok was found, a Cam2 spokesperson told the SCMP, but they could not clarify which rescue team – police, fire, or mountain rescue – were responsible for identifying the site. The race organisers could not give any more details at this time.

Race organisers release tribute to deceased runner, pledging support to family

The race began near the Shing Mun reservoir close to Tsuen Wan. The temperature at the start was as high as 35 degrees Celsius and the humidity made it feel hotter. Another participant said the part of the course leading to checkpoint two was hard to navigate. She described it as “bush whacking”.

The organisers said on Monday they called the police, fire department and mountain rescue team as soon as the race concluded at 3.30pm on Sunday.

A phone was found in Kwok’s bag at the finish line, which was assumed to be his, making it impossible to contact Kwok if he were conscious.

The rescue teams searched the area through Sunday night and Monday. At least some of the team was stood down as night fell on Monday, ready to resume the search on Monday morning, but it was that night that Kwok was found.

Top Hong Kong runner and fireman Wong Ho-chong was part of the search party on Sunday and Monday. He said via Facebook that Kwok was pictured at 10.49am passing Kwai Tei New Village.

It was Wong who managed to contact the two runners who had taken a wrong turn with Kwok.

This morning, Wong posted a heart-felt message announcing Kwok’s death.