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South Korea ranked among least video-watching nations in the world

Nigeria tops the list with people there watching an average 272 minutes of video a day

PUBLISHED : Monday, 05 June, 2017, 5:58pm
UPDATED : Monday, 05 June, 2017, 5:58pm

South Korea is one of the nations in which the least amount of video is watched in the world, industrial sources said Sunday, citing global research agency Kantar Millward Brown.

Of the 41 countries and Hong Kong covered in the agency’s report titled “AD Reaction: Video Creative in a Digital World,” South Korea came in 35th in the average amount of video watched by its citizens, with total TV, on-demand TV, computer, tablet and smartphone video consumption averaging 166 minutes daily per capita.

Nigeria topped the video-watching list with 272 minutes on average, its citizens watching video about 64 per cent more than South Korea’s citizens do on average a day.

Colombia came in next at 259 minutes, followed by Malaysia at 256 minutes, Thailand at 248 minutes, Vietnam and China at 243 minutes each, and the Philippines at 241 minutes on average. 

The report revealed that Hungarians watch video the least with an average of 145 minutes per day, lower than Greece with 152 minutes, Japan with 158 minutes, the Czech Republic and Denmark with 160 minutes, Italy with 164 minutes and the Netherlands with 165 minutes.

According to the report, South Korea is one of the countries in which digital devices are more often used to watch video.

The amount of video watched on smartphones peaks at 32 per cent in Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong, while it hits 30 per cent in South Korea, the Philippines and Thailand.

The Netherlands uses smartphones to watch video the least, watching only 14 per cent of its video consumption on the devices. Mobile video consumption in Britain and France is at 15 per cent, and in Japan 14 percent.

TV’s share of attention in South Korea is just 24 per cent, far below the global average of 32 per cent. TV’s share of attention peaks at 50 per cent in Japan. (Yonhap)

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