American Airlines
  • It’s the third time in recent months that a passenger has been accused of urinating on or near someone else on a flight from New York to New Delhi
  • In all cases, the passengers involved were reported to be drunk. American Airlines said local police got involved following the latest incident

The 21-year-old student reportedly argued with crew, was unwilling to be seated and was asleep when he urinated. A similar incident happened on a flight from New York to New Delhi in January.

London’s Heathrow ground-handling staff will strike from December 16 and US airport service workers are gearing up for a day of action on December 8.


With most travellers grounded during the coronavirus pandemic, airports have found new uses for their huge facilities – as drive-in cinemas, private concert halls ... even morgues

Airlines are taking steps to reduce anxiety among passengers, as the coronavirus adds to the stress of flying. Meditation and sleep app makers are partnering with airlines to offer relaxation tracks.

Hong Kong’s flagship airline keeping 120 planes out of the sky at any one time, and bosses say cuts are in response to market demand as fear of travelling increases amid coronavirus epidemic.


Airlines including Etihad, Emirates, Qantas and Virgin Atlantic are all embracing the concept of the high-altitude drinking den as a best-of-all-worlds lounge, designed like a co-working space – but where you can still have a cocktail.

American, United, Cathay Pacific and Thai airways are taking extra precautions on top of what health officials recommend to keep their staff and travellers safe

Delta had planned to end all China flights by February 6. The airline said the last China-bound flights will now leave on Saturday and the last returning flights from China will depart China on Sunday.

Qantas, Qatar Airways and Air New Zealand are the latest airlines to suspend flights to mainland China due to travel restrictions aimed at curbing the coronavirus crisis.


Chinese tourism to southeast Asia has grown exponentially since the Sars outbreak in 2003, meaning the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak could hit tourism-related companies much harder in the coming months.


Boeing said it was possible that resumption of MAX deliveries to airlines could begin in December but said getting approval for training changes would take more time.

AA eyes up Hong Kong to expand frequent-flier scheme in rare vote of confidence by a carrier in city, while others slash flights as long-running protests take their toll.

Airlines can now use your smartphone or tablet as a portal for films, television shows and video games, avoiding the need for expensive hardware in every seat – but does this mark the end of an aviation era?

Eye-catching deals on flights to Hong Kong can be had in October as anti-government protests continue – US$460 from London, US$112 from Manila among them – as airlines try to fill seats amid a plunge in tourism.