Quebec provincial police urged people to stay indoors after the bear’s very rare appearance. In Canada, polar bears are listed as ‘vulnerable’ species.


With Russia blowing apart world order, Western advocates for international climate action say their cause is looking ever more bleak, just as the effects of warming are looking more ominous.

The world’s northernmost township with a permanent population, in Norway’s Svalbard archipelago, is gaining in popularity as a gateway to the icy north. Tours by sailing ship get visitors up close with nature and to some remote spots

A new white paper spelling out China’s intentions for the Arctic relieves some concerns over transparency and conformity to international rule of law.

Carpenters, bakers, pastry chefs, scientists – polar institute has launched a public appeal to recruit around 40 French-speaking people for a variety of jobs, which will last for up to 14 months, at its six bases in the Arctic and Antarctica