BTS are the biggest names in K-pop - and they continue to go from strength to strength. After becoming the first K-pop band to top the US album charts in 2018, the seven-member boy band went on to conquer the world, propelled by the support of their devoted Army fan club.

  • Vividly coiffed icons like Billie Eilish, BTS’ V and Itzy’s Ryujin make colour cool but remember that it can come at a cost to your hair – make considered decisions and look after your locks
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BTS’ J-Hope will not be allowed to take part in the cooking competition, which celebrates culinary talent among the South Korean, US and Singaporean militaries


Legions of fans have this week been celebrating the ‘birthday’ of Japan’s best known Vocaloid – a computer-synthesised singing voice software that comes with a virtual avatar.

BTS’ Jungkook, who turns 26 today, has received well wishes from fans around the world, who have paid for birthday ads on buildings, buses and subway stations to celebrate with the singer.

From the first solo album by V of BTS to the debut of Riize and a new album by rookie group Boynextdoor, the K-pop music releases to look out for in September.


What is going on in the music industry with well-known manager Scooter Braun lately? Here’s everything you need to know about the rumoured exodus of pop stars

Winter of aespa girl group, has been targeted, as have staff at SM Entertainment, home to a number of K-pop acts including boy band NCT.


Touring musical superstars such as Taylor Swift, Beyonce, BTS and Blackpink are aiding the growth of music tourism, when people combine seeing their idols perform with tourist attractions and shopping.

This July, a number of Asian celebrities have joined luxury brands as new ambassadors – from BTS’ V for Cartier and Hyunjin for Versace, to Esther Yu for Moschino

Forget Hollywood celebs – K-pop sensations from J-Hope to NCT’s Taeyong and Seventeen’s Vernon are now repping luxury fashion brands … find out which other Asian stars have also been tapped

About 150,000 of the K-Pop boy band’s loyal fanbase, known as ‘ARMY’, wandered among exhibits and danced under trees at Han River Park on Saturday as hit songs played in the background.

The lights will provide the backdrop for social media-driven events marking the 2013 debut of the seven-member group, which is now on a hiatus.

‘Attention’, please – there’s a new world-beating Korean outfit in town – and all 5 of the girl group’s teenage members have already been signed to competing luxury labels ...

As K-pop superstars BTS are forced to weather a challenging period, group member Suga talks about the strong bond among the ‘family’, following the release of his debut solo album D-Day.


BTS member Suga’s new album ‘D-Day’ and Blackpink’s recent Coachella performances highlight how K-pop acts are increasingly drawing inspiration from traditional Korean culture.

Korean is one of fastest-growing languages in world, sometimes ahead of Mandarin; ‘enjoying Korean drama, movies, K-pop might be a way people cope with stressful lives’.


New reality-TV show Jinny’s Kitchen on Amazon Prime, which follows Korean celebrities as they attempt to run a Korean restaurant abroad, left V from BTS with ‘unforgettable memories’.