Carrie Lami

Latest news and updates on Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, who took office as chief executive of Hong Kong on July 1, 2017, covering her speeches, announcements and annual policy address, the measures she introduced to combat the coronavirus and her handling of the Hong Kong protests.


By some measures, Hong Kong’s outgoing leader can be proud of her achievements but on hot-button issues such as politics and the Covid-19 pandemic, the final verdict is still pending

Conditions relating to such a move are worth revisiting, particularly with the increase in vaccinations on both sides, and the use of contact tracing and risk exposure alerts.

  • Prosecution tells West Kowloon Court ‘unlawful means’ do not require an element of violence to put country’s safety at risk
  • Judges told by defence lawyers national security law does not specify that subversion could be committed by non-violent means

Chief Executive John Lee, former leaders Carrie Lam and Donald Tsang among those attending private memorial for Ti-liang Yang, who died earlier this year at age 93.

Chief Executive John Lee tells consultation session on his second policy address he will look at suggestions to boost birth rate; tourism and talent acquisition also priorities.


Executive Council member Ronny Tong joins convenor Regina Ip and fellow Jeffrey Lam in urging city to reconsider building flats on section of Fanling golf course.

Development chief Bernadette Linn tells lawmakers that enterprises could move into Northern Metropolis by 2030, followed by residents, triggering questions on plan’s feasibility.

Nine organisations say the planned San Tin Technopole plan could endanger 117 bird species of special conservation value, including critically endangered ones.