Cricket World Cup 2015

The ICC Cricket World Cup is the flagship event of the international cricket calendar and takes place every four years, with matches contested in a 50-over format. The 2015 edition will be the 11th of the tournament and will be jointly hosted by New Zealand and Australia. The two countries also combined in 1992 to jointly host the tournament.
The first tournament took place in England in 1975 which was won by the West Indies.The most recent event was held in 2011 and was won by India, who hosted the tournament along with Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Levelling the playing field like little else, the ‘Indian game accidentally discovered by the British’ has become a metaphor for equality and hope

How cricket bats for democracy in India

In India, a politician’s son or daughter has a fair chance of getting elected, a business house may actively promote hereditary succession and even the children of film stars can aspire and succeed on joining their parents’ profession, but a Test