Digital currencies
  • Mixin, which claims to have 1 million users using the network for transferring digital assets, says it has been attacked by hackers
  • The hack is the 10th largest crypto hack of all time and the biggest so far in 2023, according to blockchain research firm Elliptic

The implosion of JPEX is likely to make the public more cautious about investing in cryptocurrencies, but sentiment may improve in the long run, experts say.


Source says police have enlisted help of Interpol and virtual asset trading platforms as they track down funds amid fraud allegations targeting JPEX cryptocurrency company.

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The embattled cryptocurrency exchange has laid out plans to attract new investors with promises of dividends, while it continues to lash out at Hong Kong regulators.

The sudden blow-up of crypto exchange JPEX may turn into Hong Kong’s largest ever financial fraud but many questions remain over the firm’s structure and backers.

Investor and Financial Education Council also warns more young people drawn to virtual trading, urges users to ensure platforms are licensed and to do proper research.

Chief Executive John Lee says authorities will conduct more investor education after police receive over 1,600 complaints alleging fraud against cryptocurrency exchange.

Sources say ex-lawyer turned internet figure and YouTuber Chan Yee detained on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud, with ‘about HK$1 billion’ involved.

Hong Kong is poised to assume a greater role in the international banking sector with the appointment of Eddie Yue Wai-man to a key position at the bank for central banks, analysts say.

Seven of the 10 Chinese suspects arrested in Singapore’s massive money-laundering probe held foreign passports from the likes of Cambodia and Vanuatu, where citizenship can be bought for as little as US$130,000.

Hong Kong and mainland China both fell one spot for 47th and 11th, respectively, as lower-middle-income countries like India and Vietnam show a greater appetite for crypto.


The Securities and Futures Commission said JPEX is misleading investors about being licenced in Hong Kong and accused the exchange of having ‘suspicious features’.

Brian Shroder has left the crypto trading platform, which is facing charges from the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission and under investigation by the Justice Department.

The accounts of the influencers, each with more than 8 million followers, breached regulations that restrict speculation, trading and promotion of virtual assets, Weibo says.

The Hong Kong arm of Swiss crypto-focused SEBA Bank is aiming to become one of the first licensed companies in the city to ‘conduct investment services with crypto capabilities’.

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One of Hong Kong’s first licensed cryptocurrency exchanges has officially started accepting retail users, allowing them to trade bitcoin and ether directly with fiat currencies.

A local court issued the sentence for the former provincial official accused of accepting bribes and hiding crypto mining that used a tenth of Fuzhou electricity.