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[Sponsored Article] Common colds, nasal allergies and sinus infections are among the many causes that can lead to the blocking of the Eustachian tube, which links the middle ear to the nasopharynx and serves to equalise pressure in the middle ear. Everyone experiences blocked ears to some degree especially during flights or on high altitude, but most people are able to relieve the pressure by themselves with a yawn-like motion.  Those with Eustachian tube dysfunction have their ears blocked persistently, and may even experience hearing loss or pain.

[Sponsored Article] The past 20 years have seen increasing scientific research into the benefits of touch in infancy.  Frederick Leboyer, a French obstetrician, wrote in 1985 of his observation that “Being massaged is food for the infant.  Food as necessary as minerals, vitamins and protein.”  Dr Tiffany Field and her colleagues at the Touch Research Institute in Miami, Florida have also established as early as 1966 that massage will facilitate growth in pre-term infants.


[Sponsored Article] A so-called “fitness” test, the Belly Button Challenge, has gone viral on social media. To act this out, one needs to twist the arm round the back to touch the belly button with the fingertip from the other side (of the arm). According to Eyckle Wong, manager for the Physiotherapy Department at Matilda International Hospital (MIH), not only is there no medical evidence to prove that such a movement can reflect the level of health and fitness, the twisting and yanking can easily cause bodily injury. The only plausible explanations that some people may be able to complete the movement could be due to a person’s comparatively supple shoulder, a longer-than-usual arm, or a thin upper arm.

[Sponsored Article] Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common type of arthritis in which there is a gradual loss of cartilage from the joints, most often in the hands, knees, hips, and spine.  There are a number of risk factors, including natural aging, obesity, and participating in certain sports, like boxing, cycling, gymnastics, ballet dancing, soccer and rugby.  It is a chronic condition that gradually worsens over time; however, there are several measures that may slow its progression and control symptoms.  Dr Terence Chan, knee surgeon at Matilda International Hospital, is here to talk about osteoarthritis of the knees, particularly among the younger population.

[Sponsored Article] When mom preaches, we tend not to listen, but when a doctor says it, we pay attention.  Here, Dr Raymond Yip, spinal surgeon at Matilda International Hospital, explains why good health is related to good posture, and how prolonged sitting or a “text head” - tilting the head forward to text or play games on a mobile device, will exert heavy pressure on the spinal area. 

[Sponsored Article] Scoliosis was originally a Greek word meaning curved or bent. Today it is a word used to describe the most common type of spinal curvature. Scoliosis is simply a descriptive term, like headache, and not a precise diagnosis.

[Sponsored Article] Young people can get arthritis of their hip from certain sports, and find it painful to move and function normally. Naturally, they would want to carry on enjoying life and engaging in physical pursuits. Fortunately, modern hip replacements allow them to remain active, according to one of Hong Kong’s orthopaedic surgeons, Dr Jason Brockwell.

Allergy to dust mites causes sneezing, runny nose and even asthma. Study of 35 homes finds average dust mite antigens at levels more than twice that which causes body to react. Hazardous levels of mould were also found.

[Sponsored Article] Embarrassed.  Afraid. Don’t know where to find help.  These are sometimes the feelings that stop people from seeking help for emotional concerns. Fortunately, many companies now recognise that emotional health is integral to the physical health of staff, and these companies are actively adopting whole-body wellness programmes.

[Sponsored Article] Many companies recognise that health issues can impact productivity and the bottom line, and put employees’ physical and emotional wellbeing at a high priority. Here, a specialist talks about coping with stress.

[Sponsored Article] Decorated with pops of colours, stylish furniture and delightful  wall art, MIH’s newly expanded health assessment department  looks more like a modern luxury hotel than a hospital. According to Acting Chief Executive Officer Linda Burgoyne, the idea is to make clients feel comfortable while receiving their health checks and reduce the anxiety that usually comes on such occasions.

[Sponsored Article] Scanning the social media forums, where the bumps community goes to seek maternity-related advice from other women “in-the-know,” it is clear that the maternity team at Matilda International Hospital on the Peak holds a very special place in the hearts and minds of many mothers.  We asked Mary Watkin, the senior midwife of the Maternity Department at the Matilda International Hospital (MIH), whose team literally hand-delivered around 1,000 babies each year, what is it that makes Matilda the place to have babies.

Young patients can have ovaries removed and frozen, then reimplanted so they can reproduce when they are grown up, say doctors after a successful case in Belgium.