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Latest news and updates on Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA), which is operated by the Airport Authority Hong Kong, including coronavirus travel restrictions, and aviation and tourism issues that relate to the airport.



The authorities must seriously reflect on the damage to city’s reputation as a result of an unacceptable system failure, especially at a time when Hong Kong is spending billions in a bid to lure back visitors.

Until vaccines that provide long-term protection are developed, recommendations have to be constantly reviewed and updated, with the best and timeliest community protection in mind.

Those drawn to Hong Kong by the lure of easy travel now find themselves at a crossroads. When government policy is guided neither by scientific nor economic sense, it is impossible to know when pre-Covid mobility will return. Is it time to seek more travel-friendly places?

  • Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport is named the world’s most beautiful airport just two months after topping Hong Kong International Airport in Skytrax traveller poll
  • But passenger traffic, an important indicator of economic activities, is still vastly different between the two international airports

Australian celebrity chef Neil Perry talks about Hong Kong’s influence on his cooking and why dim sum is back at the reopened Qantas Lounge at the city’s international airport.

Internal airline memo seen by Post says some pilots going at ‘considerably slower speed’ while taxiing, but union leader says go-slow issues reflect poor morale among pilots.

Readers discuss incurable patients’ right to make end-of-life decisions, archaic court procedures, and Hong Kong’s airport labour problem.

The overwhelming result comes just two days before travelling between Hong Kong and mainland China resumes under relaxed rules, a much-anticipated removal of the final vestige of a three-year lockdown.


On 11-day trip to Italy with his wife, financial analyst Isaac Cheung says: ‘Travelling seems a bit foreign to us now … I struggled to pack my suitcase.’