Hong Kong

Having left Hong Kong’s crowded, frenetic streets for rural Britain, Cliff Buddle felt like taking a city break. A recent trip to a rainy Venice, however, had him thinking wistfully of the Asian metropolis.

  • Coffee Lam has come a long way since her showbiz days of scraping US$130 a month, setting a record as the first Cantonese-language content creator to amass more than a million followers on YouTube
  • The fitness guru launched CoffeeSweat in 2020 and continues encouraging fans to take care of their physical and mental well-being – she just hosted a yoga session at Hong Kong Sports and Health Expo

Tiffany Hsu is VP of womenswear and kidswear fashion buying at online luxury retailer Mytheresa ... here are 8 tips on beauty, fitness and fashion from the globetrotting icon

Readers discuss the urgent need to address the anti-mainland sentiment in Hong Kong, the rumour mongering targeting organ donation, and effective use of the government’s open data portal.


Plan to allocate grant plots to multinationals will not be enough to spur growth, while past errors from previous hub projects must be avoided, according to experts.

A development in Foshan offers two-bedroom units to Hong Kong buyers for as little as US$124,000 amid growing cross-border Traffic on the high-speed railway from West Kowloon.

Wealth-X’s Billionaire Census found 29 per cent of globe’s 3,194 wealthiest people, whose collective net worth totals US$11.1 trillion, live in the same handful of metropolises in 2022 as they did during the last several years.

Eating isn’t cheating – Aperitivo is a considered a pre-dinner snack and sip designed to sharpen the appetite, today enjoyed by aesthetes across the globe

Singapore was one of the first nations to establish regulations for the industry, while Hong Kong’s proximity to China and traditional status as a financial hub could give it an edge.


For a foreigner to have a mistress was common in 19th century Hong Kong, and many of these relationships played a part in moulding the city’s personality, an excerpt from Vaudine England’s latest book reveals.

Male worker collapses on scaffolding outside Chinese University building before being rushed to Prince of Wales Hospital where he is certified dead on arrival.

Readers discuss the need for balance between security and privacy in the police proposal, and the government’s move to make reporting of child abuse mandatory.