Hong Kong taxis
  • The 30-year-old man was close to entrance of Magic Road roundabout when his vehicle lost control, the force says
  • Victim, who often worked as part-time driver on weekends, was on duty for 18 hours, according to police insider

Readers discuss the urgent need to find a new business model to entice customers, the role of the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, and the government’s response to taxi drivers’ complaint.

Readers discuss the upcoming review of the agreements that regulate electricity supply in Hong Kong, the relaxation of visa requirements to China, the merits of having an integrated health app, and the aborted taxi driver strike.


Readers discuss the grounds for Moscow’s “special military operation” in Ukraine, the taxi industry’s grouses, taking a more innovative approach to helping smokers quit, and the need to hasten Hong Kong’s digital transformation.

In a last-ditch effort to defuse the situation, government pledges to amend the law to stiffen punishments against those providing illegal ride-hailing services.

Readers discuss the need for comprehensive background checks on those who work with children, a plan to roll out e-payment for all Hong Kong taxis, and a necessary condition for attracting foreign talent.

Readers discuss the benefits of adopting a digital ecosystem to improve urban management, an outdated requirement for visitors, the taxi industry’s fear of competition, and a way to inject stability into the stock market.

Wonder, a subsidiary of Bindo Labs, is determined to put its system, which accepts forms of payment including Visa, Mastercard, Alipay and UnionPay, into 10,000 taxis in a year’s time.


Government paper says three complimentary buses at Kai Tak Cruise Terminal to halt after authorities stepped in earlier this month to ease passenger congestion.

Readers discuss how an amended employment regulation could have unintended consequences, the taxi industry, the potential of Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, restaurant prices, and Hong Kong’s tragic mistake.