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  • Some professionals say some roles covered by legislation are not equipped to make judgments and there may be tendency to overreport
  • But government insists extra resources, including training and e-learning programme, will be provided to affected roles

Organisation may have lost sources in city after closing offices, insider says, adding families of missing people should be contacted before making public appeals.

Police alerted after suspected triad members led by ‘Temple Street Long’ rushed into Tsim Sha Tsui office to collect HK$19 million repayment of stock losses, source says.

Proposed bill by Labour and Welfare Bureau will head to legislature next month, but concerns raised over whether employees may unintentionally run afoul of law.

Post wins 42 awards from the Society of News Design, including ‘Best in Show’ for a large organisation category for ‘Life in Hong Kong’s Shoebox Housing’.

Zheng Yanxiong says social welfare sector is connected to ‘thousands of households’, giving it a platform for ‘spreading and advocating mainstream social values’.

Government urged to adopt strategy of getting businesses or statutory bodies to rent out premises at low costs for welfare groups to conduct activities helping poor.

Trilingual comedian says local scene is still small compared with other major cities, but hopes it can gain traction following end to Hong Kong’s pandemic curbs.