Infographics: International

World figures and leaders height at a glance. How tall are you compared with prominent world figures? Check out who you are as tall as.

The world’s dependence on China for goods comes into sharp focus as the coronavirus pandemic lays bare vulnerabilities in the global supply chain.

Scientists worldwide are racing to establish if current treatments and vaccines are effective against the new Omicron Covid-19 variant as governments try to slow its spread by tightening border controls.


Just when China’s capital was thought to be coronavirus-free, a second wave of coronavirus has been traced to a wholesale market in Beijing. 

Curated by SCMP's infographics team, the collection covers interactive charts and images of the coronavirus' cases, symptoms, preventive measures and economic stimulus packages.

Many countries use their own criteria to count the number of Covid-19 cases, but more than 3 million people have been officially confirmed to have been infected, with more than 150,000 fatalities.

The coronavirus is putting each link of the food supply chain under stress by disrupting agricultural production, transportation and supermarket sales. People around the world are facing food shortages.

Europe failed to learn from China how rapidly coronavirus spreads and is now struggling to cope with surging Covid-19 infections

The world’s second-largest economy is finding itself increasingly isolated amid the Covid-19 outbreak as early as February, 2020