• How well can we know anyone, especially a family member? That’s the question Jessica Au asks in her Novel Prize winning second novel, Cold Enough for Snow
  • The book is a dialogue of sorts between its narrator, an expatriated Hong Kong woman, and her mother in which little is said and a lot inferred, Au explains

When Ata Wong adapted Shakespeare’s poetry for the stage he understood the Bard’s words represented feelings, and asked actors to help compose music to go with them.


The best-selling author publicly apologised to a black man who spent 16 years in prison for her 1981 rape, only to see his conviction overturned last week.

China Literature, the country’s biggest web novel publisher, plans to boost its North American business with English works, exporting its profitable domestic model overseas.


Tencent and Disney will release an original Star Wars novel and make 40 books free for a week, including the Thrawn trilogy