Microsoft Corporation is one of the world’s biggest software makers and manufactures and licenses a range of products and services related to computing. Founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, the company is probably best known for its Windows software, although it has begun an aggressive drive into the mobile sector seeking to make inroads on market share held by Google and Apple. It paid 5.44 billion euros for the handset business of Nokia in September 2013.

  • Amazon Q will be added to Amazon’s business intelligence software, as well as programs for call-centre workers and logistics managers
  • The company also released new versions of its home-grown chips, including one designed for AI applications, and deepened its relationship with Nvidia

A child prodigy whose life was changed by a Macintosh computer, Altman dropped out of Stanford University to found tech start-up Loopt, and now his net worth sits at an estimated US$500 million

The ChatGPT maker had made progress on Q*, which some researchers believe could be a breakthrough in artificial general intelligence, one of the sources say.


The start-up's new board will be chaired by former Salesforce co-chief executive Bret Taylor and include former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers.

Emmett Shear’s online rhetoric is a far cry from the polished corporate language used by many Silicon Valley leaders, and his apparent lack of filter may create problems for a company trying to steady itself after a chaotic few days.


More than 700 of OpenAI's roughly 770 employees signed a letter, calling for all board members to resign and for fired CEO Sam Altman to be reinstated.

Code-named Tigris, the project aimed to create an AI-focused chip company that could produce semiconductors rivalling those from Nvidia, sources say.


The twin moves mark a turning point in the frenetic aftermath of Altman’s firing, which stunned Silicon Valley and set off a campaign led by Nadella and other OpenAI executives to get Altman reinstated.


A day after the OpenAI board fired him, Sam Altman was talking with the company’s executives about improving its governance structure, while discussing with some core ChatGPT researchers about starting a new artificial intelligence company.


OpenAI, whose generative AI products initially raised fears of widespread cheating on homework, is now exploring how it can get its popular ChatGPT service into classrooms, according to a senior executive.

US chip maker Nvidia’s record-tying streak of gains ended after a technical signal flashed a warning sign and the unveiling of a competing artificial intelligence chip from Microsoft.

China needs to develop 1 million artificial intelligence-native applications and less AI large language models, according to Baidu co-founder, chairman and chief executive Robin Li.

Nvidia on Monday added new features to its top-of-the-line chip for artificial intelligence, saying the new offering will start to roll out next year with, Alphabet’s Google and Oracle.

With the release of Modern Warfare 3 on November 10, we look at how the Call of Duty franchise has won millions of fans and earned more than US$30 billion since the first game came out 20 years ago.

Chinese start-up 01.AI, founded by computer scientist Kai-fu Lee, has become a unicorn in less than eight months on the strength of a new open-source AI model.

The earnings of Intel and AMD have offered more evidence a recovery is gathering pace in the PC market, boding well for an industry that had been grappling with a supply glut.

China agreed to work with the US, EU and others to collectively manage the risk from artificial intelligence at a British summit aimed at charting a safe way forward for the rapidly evolving technology.

Ernie Bot 4.0 was unveiled by Baidu co-founder and CEO Robin Li Yanhong last month and promises improved capabilities in understanding complex questions and generating pictures.

The action relies on the Cold War-era Defence Production Act, which gives the government certain control over companies when national security is at stake.


The White House is set to release the order on Monday, aimed at promoting the safe and responsible deployment of AI with a government-wide strategy.


Microsoft’s revenue from the Azure cloud-computing platform beat estimates in the September quarter, while Google Cloud’s sales growth ground to its slowest pace in at least 11 quarters.

The start-up’s other investors included Ant Group, Meituan, Xiaomi and HongShan, the Chinese venture capital firm spun off from the former Sequioa Capital.


LinkedIn said it would lay off 668 employees across its engineering, talent and finance teams in the second round of job cuts this year for the social media network for professionals amid slowing revenue growth.

Billionaire heiress meets Beatles heir? Here’s everything you need to know about the rumoured new romance between Bill Gates’ daughter Phoebe and Paul McCartney’s grandson, Arthur Donald

The biggest deal in the gaming industry – that includes Candy Crush Saga and Call of Duty – finally won approval from UK after Microsoft agreed to sell streaming rights.