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  • The trip around Taiwan by bike helped his son develop his muscles and balance, and doubled as a life skills course, says cycling shop owner Jason Kei
  • He’s inspired other dads to make the trip with their sons, and urges parents to join outdoor activities with their families to bond and broaden their horizons

Known for its laid-back approach and relaxed attitude to rules in comparison to road cycling, gravel racing has been around for a while and is now being standardised on the UCI Gravel World Series.

Mobile phones are good, but if you want something to get that perfect picture while you’re biking or hiking an action camera is better. Here are our top 4.


From a last call to his mother as he prepared to take his life, to hiking around Britain and becoming a mental health advocate, Jake Tyler shares his story.


A nature lover in search of a new business idea after a failed start-up, Zhang Heng hit on the idea of selling outdoor and extreme sports equipment to China’s emerging middle class – a risky bet in 1997 that paid off.