• In an award-winning podcast, Shanghai-born Aria Young questions why she abandoned her native Chinese name when she moved to the US
  • It was a decision that has left her feeling confused, she says, and while she still goes by her English name, she wants to honour her cultural lineage

Investigative journalists put pen to paper and ended up inspiring hit TV series on Netflix, Hulu and beyond, from Inventing Anna and The Dropout to Pam & Tommy

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson promptly backtracked on his previous support while Spotify’s CEO stood by him and Donald Trump even chipped in to tell him to stop apologising


‘There are no words to convey how sorry I am for the way the controversy continues to impact you’, wrote Daniel Ek; Rogan is renowned for spreading misinformation about Covid-19 vaccines on his podcast.

Prince and his wife have told streaming platform, which they previously signed deals with, of their worries about ‘rampant mis- and disinformation’.


The Post Books Podcast, available on all major podcast platforms, will feature Post books editor Charmaine Chan’s in-depth interviews with authors whose stories make for required listening.

The Chinese-American victim’s family and supporters were not invited to contribute to a podcast series about his brutal murder in Detroit, triggering questions that led to it being pulled. Observers and an activist for Chin’s cause weigh in on what happened.

Lizhi, which runs China’s second-largest podcast app, is partnering with Xpeng to install a live social audio feature called ‘live-stream podcast’ in its electric cars, as the company takes a new crack at live audio in the country.

His annual salary as host of The Daily Show doubled in just a few years, then Netflix came knocking with eight-figure per-special pay packets … but Noah was already raking it in, in his home country of South Africa

This is a revolutionary time for podcasts and audiobooks, and a scientist thinks he knows why: in an experiment, students responded more strongly to the audio than the video of classic scenes from Game of Thrones and Silence of the Lambs.

As the Hallyu wave continues to spread across the globe, Thai podcasters are using popular K-series like Sweet Home, Start-Up and Itaewon Class as jumping off points for in depth discussions of Korean culture


The Obamas want to ‘retire and be with each other’, Michelle said in a recent interview, but with podcast launches, their entertainment company Higher Ground, an upcoming Netflix show and more, how likely is that to happen?

China punishes 26 audio apps like Ximalaya and NetEase Music for spreading pornographic content and ‘historical nihilism’

Believe it or not, Victoria has only just finished the first Breath of the Wild, so we talk about that too on You Died!


Nintendo Direct, Microsoft xCloud, Square Enix's Avengers game and whatever Bethesda shows us of the next Elder Scrolls... next week is going to be great for gamers


We discuss Detective Pikachu, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and many more gaming movies on this edition of You Died!


If you hadn't figured it out by now, I'm a huge gamer. And I'm fascinated by the vision of the future presented by Google Stadia, a game streaming service that effectively puts your console in the cloud -- allowing you to play any game on any device. It strikes me that it's perfect for China: A country of 459 million mobile gamers, already playing complex PC-style games on mobile like PUBG. And China is also investing heavily in 5G, technology that would make a huge difference to game streaming. It's the topic of our podcast this week, so listen in for much more!

Launched in 2013, Ximalaya is one of China’s most popular platforms for podcasting and audiobooks. It claims some 400 million downloads since launch, and says it earns more from selling paid content than ads.

Keeping with the end-of-2018 theme, the second episode of our podcast is all about the games of the year. We're not just talking about the best, but also a few, shall we say, "alternative" awards... like the best game to play on the toilet.