Virtual reality and augmented reality (VR and AR)i

Tech companies are actively pursuing developments in virtual reality - which involves creating an interactive virtual world using body motion tracking and headsets - and its sister technology, augmented reality, which combines real world and virtual data into the experience. Find out the latest developments in these industries right here.

  • GDI claims itself as one of the earliest Chinese virtual-reality companies and the maker of one of the country’s most popular VR engines
  • With Apple on track to launch its Vision Pro headset next year, GDI founder Denny Zhou thinks the world is ready to embrace XR

A new blueprint issued by five national Chinese agencies aims to develop the domestic metaverse for industrial use through technologies like blockchain and AI.


Legions of fans have this week been celebrating the ‘birthday’ of Japan’s best known Vocaloid – a computer-synthesised singing voice software that comes with a virtual avatar.


Would you like a digital ‘clone’ to relieve you of routine tasks? Would you listen to songs by synthesised artists? Japanese start-ups are betting that you will.

At Germany’s Bayreuth Festival, Wagner’s Parsifal was infused with augmented reality (AR) to bring fantastical images to the audience – those lucky enough to have goggles, at least.

Don’t ditch your TV yet – the Apple Vision Pro augmented reality headset doesn’t offer consumers enough despite the tie-up with Disney. But if House of Mouse creators embrace it, they may find ways to win us over.

Meta Platforms said it will lower the minimum age for a Quest headset user account from 13 years old to 10 later this year, despite rising concerns about children spending too much time on social media.

It’s just a small metal box, but the Mac Studio packs Apple’s most advanced M2 Max/Ultra chips, is lightning fast and can connect to 8 displays at once. It far outperforms any other computer our reviewer has tested.

Gucci and Ralph Lauren have flocked to Roblox to launch digital fashion experiences, but Dior and Louis Vuitton’s parent company hopes to ply Gen Z too with its new metaverse strategy

Electronics contract manufacturer Luxshare, a major supplier of AirPods for Apple that has also won iPhone 15 orders, emerged as the assembler of the US tech giant’s Vision Pro mixed-reality headset, according to a bill of materials analysis.

Apple’s Vision Pro is the best AR and VR headset on the market and represents the future of computing – even at US$3,499, says Ben Sin after testing the mixed-reality device.

The US$3,499 Vision Pro is unlikely to be a key driving force in China’s AR and VR device market, but it can boost innovation in the sector, analysts say.


The Beijing municipal government is soliciting subsidised projects researching artificial intelligence, 3D content, and AR and VR applications.

The metaverse could contribute as much as US$760 billion to US GDP, according to the report from Deloitte and commissioned by Facebook owner Meta Platforms.

A highlight of this year’s French May Arts Festival, the ‘Virtually Versailles’ experience – featuring interactive activities, a VR experience and more – has landed in Hong Kong.

Gen Zs and millennials are expected to take the luxury world by storm by 2030 – so how are watch brands preparing to adapt to these tech-driven generations?


There is growing speculation about Apple committing to develop VR or AR goggles, but after Meta’s false start in the metaverse and Google dropping Google Glass, experts wonder if the timing is right.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Hong Kong Design Institute have bought land and are planning virtual experiences in The Sandbox.


Nick Clegg, head of global affairs for Meta Platforms, took to the metaverse on Wednesday to insist that the future of computing will take place on that still not-quite-yet-defined virtual world.

The move is part of a restructuring that will see the firm not fill 5,000 openings, kill off low-priority projects and ‘flatten’ layers of middle management.


Meta Platforms cut the price of some of its Quest virtual reality headsets, including its high-end mixed reality device, in part because demand has been weaker than anticipated.

Some teams will see nearly a third of their staff cut in the latest round of lay-offs for the TikTok owner, people familiar with the matter said.