West Kowloon Cultural Districti

The West Kowloon Cultural District refers to a development project that seeks to create a hub of arts and cultural venues in a 40-hectare area in Hong Kong. Its location and proximity to Victoria Harbour have sparked hopes it will attract visitors and boost interest in the arts and culture. Some critics, however, argue that its multi-billion-dollar cost is a drain on the community.

  • City’s flag carrier and arts hub announce three-year collaboration, with corporate backing welcomed by CEO of cash-strapped West Kowloon Cultural District
  • Cathay CEO Ronald Lam says airline will also promote activities of the arts hub outside city to attract tourists

Readers discuss the divisive rhetoric used to counter arguments for marriage equality, the unspoken reason for West Kowloon Cultural District’s fiscal deficit and a missed opportunity to support student health.


The opening show of the 2023 City Contemporary Dance Festival in Hong Kong, Stream of Dust, involves thousands of black ping-pong balls – and clouds of dust being pumped around the theatre.

The HKMA hosted 300 global bankers at the Palace Museum in the lead up to the second edition of its Global Financial Leaders’ Investment Summit, which takes place over the next two days.


Feature will be part of exhibition at Hong Kong Palace Museum from September 27 to January 8, 2024, showcasing 120 ancient items mostly from mysterious kingdom.


Rescuers find pair, aged 63 and 61, underground at work site; families call for answers as men meant to finish work on Saturday afternoon, but alarm raised next morning.

Ai’s A Ton of Tea, a cube-shaped sculpture of tea leaves and wood and to go on show at M+ museum, was created to highlight the drink’s major role in Chinese culture.

After two centuries and counting, these three British companies continue to dominate the industry – thanks to a willingness to reinvent themselves, including a well-timed pivot to Asia

Head of Hong Kong’s arts hub says managing body has submitted plan to government on how it can utilise cultural district’s land to become financially self-sufficient.