Show off photo prompt: Sir, I’m waiting for a very important call!

  • Think you can write a funny photo caption? Each week, we present to you one photo, and it’s up to you to submit a wacky description of about 15 words
  • What is this wild animal saying or doing?
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Can you think of a funny caption for this picture? Photo: Nora Tam

What animal is in this photo? What is it doing in the phone booth?

Think you can write a funny caption? Send us your most creative ideas (15 words max.) by filling out this form or emailing [email protected] by May 18 at 11.59pm. We’ll publish the best captions next week.

Best captions from last week’s contest

A restaurant promoter hands out leaflets in Mong Kok. Photo: Sam Tsang

Fion Chow Wing-lam, 14: Remember to sanitise your burger before eating it!

Summer Wu Yik-sum, 13: See my crown? I’m the king of burger country!

Sofi Ng Nok-ching, 13: I’m the best hamburger because I can walk to your home on my own.

Collin Chung Tsz-ho, 13: Want to eat me? Not here, come to our restaurant.

Ken Yu Ka-chun, 15: The hamburger: I’m starving and exhausted! Can I eat myself?

Ye Mei-han, 12: I am snacking on myself right now ... YUM!

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