Psychologist explains what teens can do about overprotective parents

Mothers and fathers may want to ward off potential danger for their children, but this parenting style could end up hurting their teenagers’ mental health and social skills.

The best preparation for HKDSE English 2020

We are arranging a second round of mock exams to help you prepare for this compulsory subject

Pitch your best ocean protection ideas at International STEMathon 2019

This hackathon-style challenge offers a rare chance for local STEM students to work with their overseas counterpart

If you love science, technology, engineering or maths, sign up for International STEMathon 2019

This is a chance for like-minded STEM students to join forces and solve real-life problems.

Students learn to protect the oceans with science at International STEMathon 2019

The hackathon-style competition challenged local and overseas secondary students to pitch their best ideas on how to combat ocean pollution.

Teens use STEM to combat ocean pollution and microplastics in hackathon for Hong Kong students

Top designs include a robot that collects waste on beaches, and a prototype that filters pollutants from seawater.

Sino Junior Reporter Programme helps students keep Hong Kong culture alive

September 3rd was a happy day for some 40 local students who completed the Sino Junior Reporter Programme 2016 organised by Sino Group and supported by SCMP Young Post.

Join the Sino Junior Reporter Programme 2019 and contribute your ideas for sustainable green living in Hong Kong

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Champion: Tai O Lookout takes preserving HK food heritage as their responsibility

While Hong Kong is known as a food paradise, will our local food culture fade out eventually?