Teaming up for Mud Race

Young Post Mud Race Team

Running together not only makes the journey enjoyable, but it also benefits your training too.

Young Post Mud Race Team |

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The Ho Lap team will participate in the 3.5km casual run.
A picture on Instagram showing friends how you conquered Mud Race is definitely a great way to win a little extra glory because even finishing the 3.5km course is quite a challenge for most runners. Good preparation and team support can make all the difference, as some local sports teachers are quick to confirm. 
“I generally encourage my students to enter Mud Race as a team,” says Victor Yim Wai-tak, physical education teacher at Ho Lap College (Sponsored By Sik Sik Yuen).  
He notes that students from his school are mainly interested in doing the 3.5km course mainly designed for fun runners and first-time contestants as most of them are not part of the school’s track or running teams. “Some play basketball and handball on a regular basis, but most haven’t done any trail running or taken part in an event like this before,” Yim says. “They are excited, though, about trying something new.” 
He adds that entering Mud Race as a team provides an extra source of motivation and encouragement. “You naturally perform better when running with others, and it is much easier to carry on when things get a bit tough. Of course, overcoming difficulties together is a great way to build strong team spirit.” 
Support from the school is also an important factor in helping students try out different sports and enter events they are interested in. Here, that backing extends to subsidising entry fees. 
“Our school always believes that students should learn dynamically,” Yin says. “Offering them a chance to experience new sports and competitions does exactly that.” 
Running is naturally more enjoyable with a team.
Photo: La Salle College

Ma Kin-kwok, the sports master at La Salle College, agrees that there are certain benefits to entering Mud Race as a team.  

“Students are generally much more motivated and determined when they run a course together. That’s why when train our cross country runners, we usually form groups of older and younger team members of a similar standard. They push each other and everyone improves.”  
A La Salle team will participate in Mud Race’s competitive 6km event. All the selected runners are drawn from the school’s cross country team, and Ma has been overseeing their training. 
He considers Mud Race to be a nice contrast to some of the more usual training runs and has noticed that team members are certainly keen to perform well. He also believes experience gained from the race will help them in future cross country competitions.

Edited by John Cremer