JUST READ IT Answers: How technology and AI are helping hotels give more personal service [March 27, 2019]

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1. hotel staff 

2. (i) NG 


(iii) F

(iv) F

3. D

4. (i) luxury hotels

(ii) trained

(iii) notes

(iv) digitalised

5. tell staff what language guests speak; tell staff how to serve guests best; tell staff what guests might be about to do next

6. It may set alarm bells ringing about privacy. / They may be concerned about their privacy. / They may want to remain anonymous. (any 1)

7. Concern about AI: Robots may “take over” staff. / Robots may replace staff. (any 1)
Does Chabaudie think this is an issue? Why or why not? : No, because Gaia is meant to give service a more human touch through technology.

8. A

9. a fully automated hotel 

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