STUDY BUDDY ANSWERS: Food science: should we believe anything we read about nutrition? [May 06, 2020]

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1.(i) heart attack

(ii) claimed

(iii) advice

(iv) spotted 

2.(i) breakfast 

(ii) wholesome

(iii) cholesterol

3. Our ideas about cholesterol were revised/People realised that the amount of cholesterol in our food didn’t matter.

4. D

5. Conflicting results in science journals about what we should eat and drink.

6.(i) F

(ii) T

(iii) F

(iv) NG

7. B

8. go hand in hand 

9.They can lead scientists astray/can confuse scientists/can be caused by other factors.

10. No, because they said they will probably continue their current eating habits because they like eating healthy foods/because they are middle class.