HIGHER REACHES: ‘Zoom fatigue’: Bad dreams, more stress and nowhere to hide [May 12, 2020]

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1. (a) ii

(b) i

(c) iii 

2. drained


4. Zoom fatigue/tiredness resulting from overusing Zoom/videoconferencing apps

5. No; people spend even more time in online meetings, that often go beyond their regular work hours. / No; it is difficult to pick up non-verbal expressions and cues in video conferences and handling that consumes extra energy. (any 1) 

6. A

7. It is no longer possible to fully disengage from any one element of her life, since Zoom means she is always accessible and that everything - work and personal life - happens in the same location. 

8. It has decreased, because he feels that Zoom is being used unnecessarily, or to show others above his superiors that staff are being managed. 

9. D