STUDY BUDDY ANSWERS: The biggest fight Thailand’s female Muay Thai boxers face is the one against sexism [September 16, 2020]

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1. A

2. Nopparit Yoohanngoh

3. (i) junkies

(ii) abuse

(iii) doting

4. B

5. There are numerous trophies, medals and photographs displayed at his house.

6. (to) duke it out

7.(i) NG

(ii) T

(iii) T

(iv) F

8.(i) Chinawut Sirisompan is a Muay Thai grandmaster.

(ii) The rings at Lumpini and Rajadamnern are sacred.

(iii) Every so often, monks sanctify the rings with mantras and blessings.

(iv) It is believed that women undermine the power of the blessings.

9.(i) new

(ii) menstruating

(iii) protection