STUDY BUDDY ANSWERS: An app that comes to the rescue of Hong Kong’s threatened species [January 6, 2021]

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1. freshwater species

2. D

3. (i) Matthew Ng

(ii) Jeffrey Chan

(iii) Matthew Ng and Jeffrey Chan

4. Jeffrey Chan

5. (i) large-scale construction of concrete channels

(ii) damning of streams and rivers

6. because there is little to no water where watercourses used to be, making it difficult to sustain life

7. (i) medicinal

(ii) traps

(iii) native

(iv) poachers

8. (i) T

(ii) T

(iii) NG

(iv) NG

9. (i) by not feeding animals

(ii) by not catching or taking home protected species

(iii) by not littering

(iv) by picking up litter left by others

(v) by choosing eco-friendly sunscreen

10. accept all reasonable answers