VOCAB ANSWERS Beware the red herrings [February 111, 2021]

  • Red is a lucky colour at Chinese New Year, but the word has a lot of other meanings
  • Test your understanding of English vocabulary
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We've got a red alert! But no need to panic!

Red nouns

1. b

2. b

3. a

4. b

5. b

6. a

7. a

8. b

Red phrases

1. b

2. a

3. a

4. a

5. a

6. b

7. a

Red conversations

1. red cent

2. red card

3. saw red

4. beetroot red

5. a red rag to a bull

6. in the red

Which red?

1. red letter

2. red herrings

3. red cards

4. Red Cross

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